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Happy Valentine's Day to my best friend!


2/11~2/14 数量限定 CuttingCapeSetを発売致します。国内や海外の床屋さんで実際にご愛用頂いている人気の組み合わせをSetにしました。ヴァレンタイン企画として愛する方にシェアギフトやもちろんご自分用としてぜひお得なこの機会にご活用ください。

Set展開は、MAHOGANY/ASA, MAHOGANY/monochrome , monochrome /ASA,の計3Set。中村商店のwebshopにて数量限定販売となります。

2/11 ~ 2/14 We will release a limited quantity Cutting Cape Set. We have made a set of popular combinations that are actually used by barbers in Japan and overseas. Please take advantage of this opportunity as a share gift for those who love you as a Valentine project and of course for yourself.

Set expansion is MAHOGANY / ASA, MAHOGANY / monochrome, monochrome / ASA, a total of 3 sets. Limited quantity will be sold at Nakamura Shoten's web shop.


CuttingCapeSet 1

¥35,460 (TAX EXCLUDED)

CuttingCapeSet 2

¥29,790 (TAX EXCLUDED)

CuttingCapeSet 2

monochrome /ASA
¥29,790 (TAX EXCLUDED)


2022年2月11日(金)〜2月14日(月)WEBSHOPにてAM7:00 (日本時間) より販売開始予定。

[Sales schedule]

February 11th (Friday) -February 14th (Monday), 2022

It will be on sale at WEB SHOP from 7:00 AM (Japan time).



Happy Valentine's Day to my best friend!


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