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Meet Okinawa barbers

I went to the Okinawa Barber Battle hosted by APLOS Co., Ltd.

The photo of the event is in the Facebook album of FireHead masa who requested the cameraman, so please click here.

アプロス株式会社様主催で行われた沖縄バーバーバトル 行ってきました。

イベントの写真は、カメラマンを依頼したFireHead masa の Facebookアルバムにありますので、こちらからご覧ください。

The environment of Barber in Japan continues to change rapidly and it is finally felt that the boost of the times has become visible to the eye.

In Okinawa located at the southernmost tip of Japan, because of its own culture, a different culture was also rooted in from the mainland.

I felt cheerful and warm personality and fans' temperament with my skin and realized the excitement of the event itself.




Cutting cloths (Cape) as a branding tool developed by Nakamura store(NK_supply) have already taken root in all the scenes around the world and have confirmed that they started sprouting.

I will add an annotation for this without misunderstanding.

The point that the cutting capes as a branding tool is not limited to Nakamura store.




"There are an increasing number of small stores that notice the importance of actively releasing materials to SNS for branding of their own stores, or Barber before the birth of the 1990 's knows that method already.

And that is the point.

At Nakamura store(NK_supply), we are proud to focus on this point and advocate the importance the most.

However, it is not only that our company is aiming for that, but more companies are making similar products, and it is diversifying.

For Barbers, options are increasing for purchasing in this field.

It will make your branding easier than ever, and more matches will go.





"The white nylon fabric is the best"

"Because it has reasonable cheap comfort"

That is no longer the case by Nakamura store, even this logic also holds.

I am gradually getting closer to the world I have been aiming for.

And, the circulation easily crosses the border, the time when import and export can easily come and go, it will rapidly penetrate within one year.

In the Amazon it is limited to applications, but international shipping services have been started.

If we also promote the spread of digital currency and the improvement of the transportation scheme, even the tax system will change almost without being affected by the border line.

Materials for creating good stores will be easier and succinctly available.

And at the same time rival shops are same.

Only those who noticed earlier and moved earlier will benefit.

I hope our customers can make wiser judgment.














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